Limited Run Games held its 2024 Summer Games Showcase earlier today, and it included a bunch of upcoming Xbox titles! Just like last year, some of these announcements were for physical versions of games that have already been announced / released, while others were for games that had never been revealed before.

Firstly, here's the list of already-announced Xbox titles that will be getting physical Xbox versions:

Sadly, there were also quite a lot of announcements at the event for games that aren't coming to Xbox, including the likes of the Fighting Force Collection, PS1 game Fear Effect and Tomba! 2. We would have loved those too!

Now, let's take a look at the new Xbox announcements and trailers from the Limited Run Showcase:

Gimmick 2! (TBD 2024)

"Yumetaro is back! Embark on a sparkling journey in this long-awaited sequel to SUNSOFT’s legendary NES™ platformer Gimmick! Solve puzzles, trick enemies, and explore a physics-based playground."

Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition (2025)

"Armed with her dai-jo and faithful camera, Jade’s adventure will get you to freely explore Hillys, combat creatures large and small, infiltrate dangerous areas, solve enigmatic puzzles, play addictive mini-games, race the best hovercraft pilots, and take pictures of the whole experience. Be ready to dive into a trailblazing blend of action gameplay and thrilling emotional cutscenes!"

Rugrats: Adventures In Gameland (TBD 2024)

"Everyone's favorite babies are back in action! When Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil see a commercial for the new Reptar video game, they pretend that they're in a video game of their own. Through the power of imagination, the babies transform Tommy's house into a video game world full of action, excitement, and adventure. Toggle between beautiful 8-bit and HD art, select your favorite baby and play this neo-retro platformer! Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland can be played solo, or team up with a friend for some two-player co-op fun!"

Ghosts (TBD 2025)

"GHOSTS is a full motion video, horror game stepping into the shoes of Night Trap, Phantasmagoria and The 7th Guest. It’s a real-time live action game which means that it has to be played at 10pm in your local time zone. Written and Directed by Jed Shepherd (writer and exec producer of HOST - “The Scariest Movie of the last Decade” - Dread Central & “The Genre Phenomenon of 2020” - Forbes) in partnership with Visible Games & Limited Run Games. The game takes inspiration from the works of Manx screenwriter Nigel Kneale and the blurring of fact and fiction in the found footage movies from the last 25 years. However, unlike previous games in this oft-forgotten genre we’re creating a horror experience that aims to truly chill your blood and send full motion video games screaming into the modern day."

GEX Trilogy (TBD 2024)

"Gex Trilogy is the definitive edition of the classic platforming series with Gexcessive attitude, complete with Gextras like rewind and save anywhere. Relive Gex’s snark-laced adventures through the warped lens of twentieth-century pop culture and use your Gexterity to survive an onslaught of television-themed challenges."

Clock Tower: Rewind (TBD 2024)

"Turn back the clock for one of the pioneers of the survival-horror genre. Translated and released outside of Japan for the first time, Clock Tower: Rewind is a revival of the terror-inducing 16-bit classic that dares you to explore the haunting confines of the Barrows family manor. As teenage orphan Jennifer, you must search every disturbing corner to find items, reveal secrets, and discover ways to evade Scissorman, a murderous, unstoppable, shears-wielding psychopath."

Bubsy In: The Purrfect Collection (TBD 2025)

"Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection is a playable history that includes games, artifacts and interviews. All of the games have been carefully updated for modern PCs and consoles using Limited Run’s proprietary Carbon Engine. Along the way the team was able to smooth out some of the games’ rough edges."

Any of these upcoming Xbox titles take your fancy? Let us know down below.