If you were paying close attention to the Summer Game Fest 2024 showcase earlier this month, you may have seen a game called "Killer Bean" which ended up attracting millions of views following the event's conclusion.

We talked about the game here at Pure Xbox last year when it seemed like an Xbox version was planned for the future. Now, the developer has confirmed that Killer Bean is definitely coming to Xbox after the early access PC release.

"Console ports will be coming after it completes Early Access on Steam first. For Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch."

So, what is Killer Bean? The game is described as a roguelike shooter in which you play as a rogue assassin coffee bean, and the big selling point is that "no two campaigns are the same". The game features a procedurally generated story and missions, meaning that pretty much everything changes from playthrough-to-playthrough.

There's plenty of gameplay to look over in the trailer above, and clearly there's huge demand for Killer Bean on the likes of social media and YouTube - which makes sense considering the character started out on YouTube over 15 years ago!

We'll throw more details below, and look out for more news on Killer Bean's Xbox release in the future.

"This is a first person/third person, roguelike shooter. Every time you start a new single player campaign, everything changes. The locations change, the missions change, the characters change, the bosses change, and most of all, the story changes. Characters who you trusted before, may turn against you. Enemies who tried to kill you, may end up helping you. Simple missions can turn into deadly traps. No two campaigns are the same."

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