One of the biggest surprises from last year's The Game Awards show was Jurassic Park: Survival, a brand-new single-player FPS set in the famous Dino-filled universe. While its showing was an incredibly early look at the game — as you can see by the above cinematic — this one has lots of promise, and developer Saber Interactive has gone into some more detail on the title this week.

Speaking with IGN, Universal and Saber revealed that players will be "revisiting iconic locations from the 1993 film", including "places that were only implied in the film, but never seen". Here's what Universal's John Melchior said in an internal Q&A session with Saber:

"We have been working with all our stakeholders on what the island would have looked like after the events of the film, [...] This includes areas we all love like the Visitor’s Center and the T-Rex paddock. But also, what we didn’t see, things that were not part of the tour or got cut off by the storm.

That is where we are starting. One thing is certain - the island is as much a part of the story as the characters and dinosaurs."

Saber's Oliver Hollis-Leick also touched on some of the gameplay features in Jurassic Park: Survival - with the game's subtitle very-much a hint at what to expect in this department.

"The island is full of different types of terrain, many of them quite challenging. The player will need to use caution and planning in some cases, checking routes in advance. There will also be times when the player will need to move very carefully through an environment to avoid the attention of certain predators."

We really, really want to see some proper gameplay for this one ASAP, but we're not expecting to see much more anytime soon. While the team hasn't locked down a release window yet, it can confirm that Jurassic Park: Survival won't launch in 2024, so we're going to have to wait patiently for the park to open for new survivors on Xbox.

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