The Xbox Games Showcase last weekend was packed with fantastic-looking titles across a whole bunch of different genres, but one of the highlights was undoubtedly Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The fact that MachineGames' upcoming adventure is a 2024 game is incredibly exciting, and a couple of members of the studio have just appeared on the Official Xbox Podcast to talk a bit more about the title.

Game Director Jerk Gustafsson and Product Director John Jennings discuss all aspects of the recent reveal, including some of the locations we'll be visiting as Indy and some of the design choices behind the gameplay. Importantly, Gustafsson also touched on the team's desire to go mostly first-person with this game - despite other titles in the genre typically sticking to a third-person viewpoint.

Here's what he had to say:

"In my mind, what we're asking the player to do in our game is really to step into the shoes of the world's most famous archaeologist, and we strongly believe that the first-person perspective is what makes this experience the most immersive.

Also, seen as first-person games are very much part of our pedigree here at MachineGames, it felt like a natural approach for our take on Indy and a feature that will set it apart from many other action-adventure games out there."

Certain elements will be third-person though — mostly platforming by the looks of it — which the team says is "also important so that they can see the iconic character" in action.

There's no solid release date on for this one just yet, but MachineGames is hard at work on bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to Xbox Game Pass in 2024.

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