343 Industries has today launched its Tenrai IV update for Halo Infinite and it comes with all sorts of new content and features.

First of all, is the new Match Composer - a feature players of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will already be familiar with. This allows Spartans to choose which game modes "they would (or would not) like to participate in". Here's a bit from Halo Waypoint about this, including an example:

"From the Multiplayer screen, players will be met with a list of playlists as usual, and upon selecting a specific playlist they will be able to choose which game modes they want to play based on what is available in the playlist by selecting or deselecting according to your preference."

For example: If you want to jump into some Free For All, you will find that there are ten game modes available within that playlist. By default, all of them are selected, but the Match Composer will allow you to deselect any that you may not want to play. Of course, in the event that you make selections which may result in longer matchmaking queue wait times, a message will appear to inform you of this.

The match composer feature will also be utilised in select playlists including Quick Play 4v4, Team Doubles 2v2, Rumble Pit FFA, Infection FFA, Big Team Battle 12v12, and Squad Battle 8v8.

Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

Apart from this, the Tenrai IV update comes with a new 20-tier Operation Pass (which runs from June 4 - July 2), the return of the game mode Juggernaut (and the variant Ninjanaut), the map Hanami, and an Exchange refresh - with Tenrai-themed items from the past. The shop has also got two new bundles (Ikari Legacy and Kendo Master).

Will you be checking out this latest update for Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments.

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