Gears Creator Cliffy B Discusses What He'd Like To See In Gears Of War: E-Day

Gears of War: E-Day is certainly a throwback to the old Xbox 360 days of Gears, and you know what else is? Cliffy B! Yep, one of the series' legendary creators has been away from Microsoft's famous franchise for years now, but he still likes discussing his heritage when the chance arises, and Cliff's most recent thoughts on the series come from a new podcast talking all-things Gears: E-Day.

Sitting down on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Cliff was asked about Gears of War: E-day, and what he thinks about The Coalition's new direction for the franchise. On the whole, Cliff seems pretty positive about it - and he says that he'll "definitely be picking up E-Day" when it launches.

Here's some of what Cliff would like to see the team do with the next Gears:

"I want to see Marcus and Dom further bond.

I want to see some of the war from the perspective of a child. [...] It'd be really really cool to alternate to a child's perspective, going through E-Day. All the child can do is like, do the whole throw a rock to distract a locust, try and do stealth segments, right. The whole cycle of empowerment versus losing that power. I think that could be really really compelling."

Cliff goes on to mention that the trailer "implies a deeper melee system" than what's typically seen in Gears too, but he's not sure "if that's actually going to come through in gameplay" just yet. In general, the ex-Gears lead seems pretty psyched about the series returning to its roots - which isn't surprising coming from the guy who said "Gears needs a little bit of a reboot" back in 2023.

The full podcast is actually a really interesting listen, and we'd definitely recommend watching it if you even have a passing interest in Cliff's thoughts on this new direction for Gears. As for us, well, we'll be right there with Cliff; playing Gears of War: E-Day when it comes to Xbox.

What do you think to Cliff's comments on Gears: E-Day? Tell us what you make of 'em down below.