Forza Horizon Fans, The Crew Motorfest Could Be Well Worth Checking Out Later This Year

As we outlined in our Xbox Games Showcase predictions prior to the show, we really did think that we might have seen Forza Horizon 6 during this year's event, but as it turns out, Ubisoft's The Crew Motorfest might be the best place for Forza Horizon fans to turn this year.

As part of the developer's Ubisoft Forward update, an entire new map was revealed for The Crew Motorfest. The Hawaiian island of Maui is coming to the game as a completely free addition later this year - adding even more incentive to drop into Ivory Tower's brilliant Forza Horizon-like.

Last Autumn, we reviewed The Crew Motorfest and were genuinely surprised by how close to Playground's excellent series the game got. We have a few nitpicks with its economy and progression systems, but the new map is tons of fun, and the driving model is miles better that the ones seen in The Crew and The Crew 2.

Anyway, the island of Maui will be added to The Crew Motorfest in November 2024, and if you Forza Horizon fans are starting to crave another entry, this one might seriously be worth a go this year. The game is regularly on sale at 50% off too, including right now for the next week-or-so.

Impressed by The Crew Motorfest and its support so far? Let us know your thoughts down below.