Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Sells Silly Amount Of Copies In Just Three Days

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC released on all platforms last Friday, and it's already sold a quite frankly absurd amount of copies. Yep, despite being a $40 expansion to a $60 game that requires plenty of progress to access, Shadow of the Erdtree has shifted five million units already - and the team says it reached that number in just three days. Madness!

Mind you, such an achievement seems merited. The critics were incredibly impressed by the expansion at launch, and in fact, it's now the top-rated Xbox release of 2024 so far. It might not be a full game, but Shadow of the Erdtree is taking the gaming world by storm, just as the base game did two years ago.

Having said all of this, its launch hasn't been without issue. Alongside some PC performance problems, some players have taken issue with even higher difficulty levels presented by FromSoftware. The team is already listening though, and it's made some small tweaks to the overall balance of the DLC already.

Anyway, we must congratulate FromSoftware here because that seems like a silly amount of $40 DLC copies to sell in less than half a week. Souls fans are being treated well these days, and it seems that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is yet another win for FromSoftware.

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  4. I have no plans to buy Shadow of the Erdtree33%

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