EA Announces Yet More Xbox 360 Server Closures For November 2024

EA has announced that three more Xbox 360 Battlefield games will be closing their doors in November 2024 - following a swathe of Battlefield closures that happened in late 2023. This time around, the Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 will go offline on November 7th this year.

The first two of these losses don't feel like a huge deal - Battlefield 4 and Hardline both have much-superior Xbox One versions that now run with FPS Boost to boot. Battlefield 3 is the big loss here, as the console version is locked to the Xbox 360 era and will go fully offline on console this November.

The good news is that BF3 is the only one of these Xbox 360 titles that is backwards compatible, so if you want to jump into some classic Battlefield multiplayer ahead of the server closures, you can do that on Xbox 360, Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S right now. BF3 is also on Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, so that's another bonus!

In addition to these old school Battlefield games going offline in late 2024, there are a few more EA Sports titles also set to close down this year, including FIFA 22 which goes offline this November as well. You can check over the full list of server shutdowns on the EA website.

We'll probably make sure that we squeeze some Battlefield 3 in before the servers go down in November, but to be honest, Battlefield 4's Xbox One version is much the better choice these days. It's ultimately quite similar to BF3, runs at 120FPS on Xbox Series X and S, and still has plenty of servers going to this day!

Will you be playing any of these 360 titles? Tell us your best Battlefield 3 memories down in the comments below.

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