Image: Xbox

Xbox has been through a rough patch recently with the closure of four studios. If you are wondering how other developers at Xbox are feeling about this, Obsidian's Avowed director Carrie Patel has now shared some thoughts.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Patel mentioned how she didn't "believe in living in fear", when games require developers to be "so invested in the creative process" and feels "a strong sense of security" thanks to its history:

"You have to be invested in what you're making, and you have to believe in it. And I do feel a strong sense of security in being part of Obsidian and, you know, being a part of a studio that was a successful independent developer for almost 15, 20 years."

She added how she also "really" trusts the leadership, and while it is "sad to hear about what's happened to some of these other studios" it hasn't changed the Obsidian's "belief" in what it's doing with Avowed.

Throughout its 20 year history, Obsidian has been through some difficult periods, but being acquired by Microsoft and having access to Game Pass has actually allowed it to release more 'niche' games like Pentiment and gather more support for titles like Grounded.

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