During this week's Ubisoft Forward event, the team has officially announced 'Anno 117: Pax Romana', the next instalment in its long-running City Builder series. This was a very early look at the title ahead of next year's launch (purely cinematic), but we do have quite a lot of information on what to expect from this Roman Empire-themed Anno title.

Without further ado, here's how Ubisoft sets up Anno 117: Pax Romana:

"You are a Roman Governor in the year 117 AD. Follow the path laid before you, or boldly question the status quo of the empire. Embark on a challenging narrative journey to build your cities where alternative paths beckon.

Journey through the little-known territories of the Roman Empire. Uncover the allure of Latium and Albion, the twin provinces under your stewardship as governor.

Your choices as a governor matter to your citizens! Will you encourage economic growth or expand your rule through dominance? Lead with rebellion or unite a diverse culture?

Choose wisely, your decisions will guide them through the era of Pax Romana."

We don't have a date for this one beyond 2025, but it is nice to see it come to Xbox day-and-date with PC - something that's becoming much more common with strategy games these days! We're looking forward to seeing how Anno 117: Pax Romana develops in the coming months.

Who's hyped to shape the Roman Empire on Xbox? Tell us what you think down below.