Today, Swedish developer Pieces Interactive has announced its closure following this year's Alone in the Dark reboot. The team was acquired by gaming titan Embracer Group back in 2017, having first been established 10 years prior in 2007, but it will unfortunately close its doors in 2024.

In a statement on the team's website, a simple "thanks for playing with us" message has been shared, alongside a brief history of the studio and what it's worked on over the years.

"Pieces Interactive released over ten titles on PC, Console and Mobile since 2007, both our own concepts such as Puzzlegeddon, Fret Nice, Leviathan Warships, Robo Surf and Kill to Collect, as well as work for hire titles such as Magicka 2 and several DLCs for Magicka. Our client list includes Paradox Interactive, Koei Tecmo, Arrowhead Game Studios, Koch Media and RaceRoom Entertainment.

In 2017, Pieces Interactive were acquired by Embracer Group after working with the expansion for Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Ragnarök and third expansion for Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Atlantis.

Our last release was the reimagining of Alone in the Dark."

This news comes within a hugely turbulent 12 months for the video game industry. Several major companies, including Xbox and PlayStation, have axed jobs within the last year - with Embracer Group being one of the worst culprits having closed multiple studios in recent months.

For what it's worth, we thought the Alone in the Dark reboot was okay, and there was definitely scope there for a bigger and better sequel had the team been given the opportunity. Sadly, Pieces Interactive won't get that opportunity, as it becomes the latest game studio casualty in 2024.

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