Hi-Fi Rush
Image: Xbox, Bethesda

Earlier this year, alongside the announcement that Hi-Fi RUSH would be releasing on the PlayStation 5, Limited Run Games revealed a physical release for this platform as well as the Xbox Series X|S.

After this week's studio closure, some fans are wondering if the hard copy version is still happening. It seems so - with Limited Run confirming in an exchange on social media "Hi-Fi Rush is a go":

There are no specific details about this physical release yet, but when we learn more we'll let you know.

So for now - it's still going ahead despite the shutdown of Tango Gameworks earlier this week. It's also been discovered the Japanese developer may have had plans for a sequel. You can catch up in our other coverage here on Pure Xbox:

Any interest in this upcoming physical release after what's gone down this week? Let us know in the comments.