Xbox President Says xCloud Is Enjoying 'Tremendous Growth' Right Now

There have been a lot of questions surrounding Xbox Cloud Gaming over the past few years and whether it's proving to be a success for Microsoft or not - and now Xbox president Sarah Bond has enlightened us a little further.

Bond told Bloomberg this week that xCloud is actually enjoying "tremendous growth" right now and there's more demand than the team can keep up with. Here's a bit of what she had to say in the interview:

"We're seeing tremendous growth there. We have more demand than supply in that area, and you'll see us rolling out more capacity, introducing more options for people to jump in and play on the cloud."

"It is growing faster than the overall market, really bringing in new players and growth for us, so it's an area we're investing more and more [in] and we're excited about.""

The Xbox president also mentioned that Team Xbox feels Xbox Cloud Gaming is an important tool to help grow the industry, to assist developers, and of course, provide more options for Xbox fans to play games.

So, Xbox Cloud Gaming is very much here to stay, and it sounds like it's going to evolve quite significantly in the months and years to come. Hopefully that begins with allowing us to play non-Game Pass titles via the cloud very soon...

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