After years and years of development delays, Dead Island 2 finally launched in April 2023 - with an Xbox Game Pass arrival following up last month. It seemed that after this Game Pass drop, and the team's second story DLC release, Dead Island 2's time was up - but that's not going to be the case.

Taking to social media this week, developer Dambuster Studios has confirmed that more updates are coming for its zombie-slaying sequel, with the team vowing that "Dead Island 2 isn't over yet". What exactly these future updates will consist of we're not quite sure, but Dambuster is still working on Dead Island 2 in some capacity.

Here's the team's full statement:

"It’s just over one year since launch of Dead Island 2 and all of us at Dambuster Studios are humbled and thrilled by the outstanding response of our passionate slayers! It’s been a truly memorable year for the Dead Island franchise.

We have had well over 7 million players enter Hell-A and a brain melting 24 BILLION zombies slayed! These are simply mind boggling numbers! We were also truly honoured to be nominated for Best Action Game at the Game Awards last year, and more recently for Best British Game at the esteemed BAFTA’s.

2024 has already got off to a flying start with the release of our second story expansion SoLA, and in bringing Dead Island 2 to Steam. Your passionate feedback means a huge amount to us, and we are dedicated to providing ongoing support for Dead Island 2 across all platforms.

To all our slayers – we read and value all your comments and wishes for the future! In the following months we’ll share some exciting and long awaited new game updates, so stay tuned for more Dead Island 2 content to come!

All the best, and thank you for slaying!"

March's 'SoLA' expansion was confirmed to be the final major story add-on for Dead Island 2, so the team has now fulfilled its Expansion Pass requirements at least. Still, we're keen to see what comes next - especially with the game only recently added to Xbox Game Pass!

If you've still not played this one since its Game Pass arrival, check down below for our thoughts on Dambuster's long-awaited Dead Island sequel. It's worth a play, we think!

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