Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Is Teasing 'A Major Announcement' For This Week

So, it's about time we got a release date for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, right? Nacon's upcoming open-world racer has been publicly announced for years at this point, even if we've never had a proper, nailed-on release date for the title. However, that looks like it might be about to change.

The team has started sending out emails regarding a "major announcement" for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. To go even further, the email says that "a major milestone is about to be reached" for the upcoming Xbox Series X|S title.

Here's how the email invite reads in full:


Dear member, a major milestone is about to be reached for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

Vivian Hughes, the organizer of the Solar Crown competition, invites you to participate in a series of trials to determine if you are worthy of joining the competition.

For this adventure, don't hesitate to join the TDUSC Discord server. Working together will greatly enhance your chances of success!

Within the email there's also a link that takes us to a countdown for this announcement - with the reveal set to go ahead on Thursday, May 30th. While we wait for that date, the team also says "a series of five missions" will begin today at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST, although we're sure what these 'missions' consist of at the time of writing.

The last big chunk of TDU:SC we saw in action was via March's The Explorer trailer - showcasing some fresh off-road gameplay. Last summer we waxed lyrical about how excited we were for a new Test Drive Unlimited game, so it's safe to say we're looking forward to this week's announcement!

Are you hyped for more TDU on Xbox? Tell us what you want to see from the game down below.