Starfield's 60FPS Update Results In Huge Player Boost On Xbox

Starfield's huge May update was a big one, bringing loads of new performance modes and other fixes and tweaks to Bethesda's 2023 RPG. Shortly after last week's release the update was getting very good feedback from fans, and now it seems to have produced a big bump in player numbers as well.

Per figures gathered by outlet True Achievements, Starfield has climbed nine places in the latest Xbox gameplay charts - now breaking into the top 20 games played on the platform. According to TA, the numbers have jumped up by 72% since the update, which arrived on May 15th.

This seems like a decent bump to us, and it's always good to see these sorts of free updates create an uptick in player numbers. Clearly, people were excited to get back into Starfield at higher frame rates, so the update has done a good job in that regard.

As for the actual performance improvements themselves, we did a quick Pure Xbox comparison right when the update dropped - so if you'd like to see how the game performs across multiple modes on Xbox Series X, do check out the link down below. Oh, and we have more exciting Starfield updates to come as well!

Have you been contributing to this player number increase? Tell us if you've been back amongst the stars down in the comments.