Starfield 'Flyswatter' Mod Sounds Like The Perfect Antidote For Arachnophobia
Image: CP's Flyswatter Mod

I'll be honest and say that Starfield has seemed a bit out of my reach over the past few months. The game is cool, there's plenty to enjoy, but the abundance of arachnid-type creatures makes me want to avoid the experience.

If you're like me and waiting for Xbox mods to arrive, the sad news is that there's still no release date for console mods as of yet. If you're playing on PC Game Pass though, there's a fantastic mod that's aimed specifically at people like us.

This mod is called "CP's Flyswatter", and it's recieved fantastic feedback ever since it released last year:

"Replaces all spiders and insects with gardening bots, security bots, and sanitation bots. Only the model is changed, so spiders and insects can still be killed and looted as usual. Includes an optional download to remove insect sound effects and an optional terrormorph replacer."

As you can see in the image above, the idea here is that any kind of insect will be replaced with non-threatening small bots, and there's also an option to turn off the sounds of these insects as well. Alternatively, there's an Arachnophobia mode that's just for spiders and spider-like creatures rather than all insects, and there's even a Terramorph add-on that allows you to replace regular terrormorphs and anomalies should you wish.

If you're interested, you can find out more information about the Starfield Flyswatter mod and its variants over at NexusMods, which is also where you can download it for the PC version. Hopefully we'll start seeing some Xbox mods in the near future, as fans are already putting together some amazing creations over on Steam and PCGP.

AkeMan33 on NexusMods: "I really enjoyed this mod and it helped me finish Starfield, so thank you so much for this!"

Have you come across any cool PC mods for Starfield? Let us know down in the comments below.