It's been almost four years since the Skate reboot was first announced back at EA Play Live in 2020, and since then the game has been getting periodic development updates - alongside playtest sessions for lucky participants on PC.

Speaking of playtests, it sounds like Skate 4 (or just "Skate" if you want to call it that!) will be heading to Xbox in playtest form in 2024. EA confirmed today that console playtesting is "coming later this year", and signups are now available:

"Sign up to become a skate. Insider today for a chance to playtest and help shape the future of skate. Console playtesting is coming later this year so if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up. If you’ve already signed up, hang tight - we haven't forgotten about you. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite to future playtests in the coming months as we continue to welcome more and more players into San Vansterdam."

In the video above, you can see the latest development video for Skate - which goes into more detail about how customisation will work in the game, including a "lot of tools and options" for both your character and your board.

Cosmetics will include real brands as well as fake ones, with the likes of Vans, Girl, Chocolate and Dime all confirmed so far, and you'll be able to unlock new items via both earned and premium currencies. EA has also stressed that you'll be "able to earn great items whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not".

There's no sign of a date for the full Skate release on Xbox Series X|S yet, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Have you tried Skate 4 on PC via the Insider program? Excited for this reboot? Tell us down below.