Skate 4 developer Full Circle has dropped another highlight reel of its ongoing insider playtest, showcasing a bunch of clips from February's testing sessions.

The game looks to have progressed a little bit since last year's footage, but still, the team's long-in-development Skate reboot looks a ways off launching yet doesn't it?

Despite the lack of texture work, and unfinished models, this does look good fun - the physics in particular seem a real focus for the team so far. Seriously, falling off your board and breaking half of the bones in your virtual body has never looked so good.

For now, EA hasn't locked down a launch date for the new Skate, but it's always good to see how the game is progressing. The team is going to need to keep grinding to get this one in the hands of players anytime soon!

Does Skate 4 look like something you'd like to play, whenever it eventually launches? Let us know!