Resident Evil 9 Rumoured To Release In January After 'Longest Dev Time' In Series History

Another fresh Resident Evil 9 rumour is doing the rounds today after leaker Dusk Golem has once again spoken about Capcom's upcoming series entry. Previously rumoured to be "internally delayed" at Capcom, it's looking like things might be back on track at the Japanese developer.

Dusk Golem now says that his own information about a delay "can be pushed aside" and instead, Resident Evil fans can look forward to a January 2025 release window for RE9. This should be taken with a generous pinch of salt of course — this same source talked about that internal delay just a week ago — but yeah, hopefully things are on track now at Capcom!

Alongside this fresh release window update, there are some other interesting details here with this latest leak. Dusk Golem says RE9 actually started development way back in 2018, and was being crafted alongside Resident Evil Village over at Capcom HQ. In the end, Village became the next mainline entry of course, meaning Resident Evil 9 now has "the biggest budget & longest dev time of any RE game to date".

Again, we'll wait and see how much of this turns out to be true - and whether March's 'open world' rumour is accurate also. If this new information is correct, Resident Evil 9 should be revealed "pretty soon" ahead of its rumoured January 2025 release date.

Would you be excited for a Resident Evil 9 launch in January? Tell us what you make of this down below!