Rumour: Resident Evil 9 May Have Been 'Internally Delayed' At Capcom

It's been a whole year since Resident Evil 4 Remake launched on Xbox Series X|S (and almost three years since Village dropped), so naturally, attention is now turning towards RE's next mainline entry. 'Resident Evil 9' hasn't been officially announced yet, but we've already heard it might be open world - and now a fresh rumour is pointing towards a longer-than-expected development time.

According to the same leaker that dropped details on RE9's open world nature, the next mainline Resi game "might've been internally delayed for one reason or another" over at Capcom. This info is quite vague, but basically, leaker 'Dusk Golem' had heard that RE9 was aiming for a 2024 reveal, 2025 launch - but now the team's timeline may have been pushed back a bit.

Here's their full Discord comment on the matter:

As you can see, such a delay could even lead to another interstitial Resi release before RE9 - perhaps another remake given the success of Resident Evil 4? That's pure conjecture though, and this whole thing should be taken with a massive pinch of salt for now given that even Dusk Golem seems unsure on Resident Evil 9 at the moment.

What we are sure on is that RE4 Remake was absolutely fantastic — an Outstanding 10/10 might we add — and we're very, very excited for whatever Capcom does next with Resident Evil.

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