After months of updates, Mojang has finally confirmed the Minecraft 'Tricky Trials' update will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and other platforms on 13th June 2024.

This will include the all-new trial chambers, new mobs (the breeze and the bogged), a special new block called the vault and both solo and co-op opportunities. Here's a bit about what to expect from the trial chambers:

"Trial chambers are a new structure releasing as part of the update that are filled with traps, tricks, and treasures! No-one knows who built these sprawling copper structures (or if they do, they didn’t tell me!), but we do know what you’ll find inside them: a slew of new challenges, mobs to do battle with, rewards to claim, and blocks to build with."

The new trial feature will be part of a larger system of "opt-in challenges" in Minecraft, including village raids. You'll also encounter ominous trials (essentially tougher). This update will also come with the mace as a new weapon and the wind charge enchantment - launching a gust of air at nearby foes, a number of other new blocks, and even some new paintings.

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