Yesterday, Microsoft hosted a special Keynote introducing a range of Copilot+ PCs which are designed "with AI at the center" to allow their users to achieve things that weren't possible in the past. You can watch the full Keynote up above.

The bit we're most interested in though relates to Xbox and PC games. During the show, there was a small snippet of a Minecraft player using Copilot AI to ask questions about how to play the game, with the Copilot responding in real time:

So yeah... this is pretty wild! If everything works as shown here, we could be looking at a future where it's possible to hold conversations with Copilot AI about how to change your Xbox gamertag and even how to find every collectible in Hellblade 2, although it remains to be seen just how accurate the AI assistant will prove.

Obviously there are a lot of unanswered questions right now and there's no guarantee it'll function exactly like this, but clearly there are changes afoot in the not-too-distant future, and AI looks set to have a big effect on our gaming lives.

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