Microsoft Revokes Access To 'Amazing' James Bond Movie Deal On Xbox

Every now and then a ridiculous price error crops up on one of the digital storefronts we all shop on these days, and this week saw a pretty insane one appear on the Microsoft Store. For a brief time, a $200+ James Bond Film Collection was mistakenly priced at just $5 - A mistake that's now being refunded and revoked by Microsoft.

We first saw reports of this pricing error earlier this week, but at the time we missed out on the deal due to the specific time that it went live. At first we were a bit bummed out that we'd missed it, but perhaps predictably, anyone who scored the deal is now seeing refunds being processed - and access to the 24-movie collection revoked.

Here in the UK, the collection is actually on sale right now at the intended discount price - coming in at £110, down from £220 or so. This is of course nowhere near as good of a price as the $5 deal, but still, it's there for now if you'd like to take advantage of it!

A good while ago now we saw a similar thing happen to an Xbox bundle in the form of this Forza Horizon pricing error - which again was refunded and revoked after players managed to get two games and a bunch of DLC for just $1. We suppose these pricing errors are usually worth a roll of the dice, just don't expect to have access to them for very long!

Did you manage to snag this deal? Have you seen a refund come through yet? Tell us how it's gone down in the comments section below.

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