Xbox's Forza Horizon Bundle Pricing Error Is Being Refunded & Revoked

About a week ago, we reported on a ludicrous Forza Horizon bundle deal where Microsoft accidentally sold the game in Sweden at a whopping 99% discount. When translated across regions it made the price less than $1, however those who snagged the deal are now in for a rude awakening.

Microsoft has begun the process of refunding players who managed to pick up the deal before it was removed. Sadly, that also means licenses are being revoked for anyone who did purchase the bundle during its discounted period - it can no longer be played on those accounts.

Xbox's Forza Horizon Bundle Pricing Error Is Being Refunded & Revoked 2
Image: Rhi_Bevan on Twitter

Clearly, some users who picked this bundle up are a little disgruntled, but still, its revoking is understandable given just how cheap the bundle turned out to be. It was originally $200 at RRP!

Ah well, at least both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5 are a part of Xbox Game Pass (the base games without DLC are anyway), which is a pretty ludicrous deal in itself! And if you really want that special Premium Editions bundle, it's currently discounted down to $79.99 as part of the ongoing Xbox Black Friday Sale 2022.

Should Microsoft let these pricing errors slip and allow folks to keep the games? Let us know what you think down below.

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