Mad Max Dev Takes Offense At 'Nonsense' Criticism Of The 2015 Video Game

When we talk about Xbox games that are underrated here at Pure Xbox, the Mad Max game from 2015 is often one that enters the discussion - and it's also a game that's regularly discounted by 90% in the weekly deals on the Xbox Store.

Despite the love for it though, it didn't review that well, racking up a 72 Metacritic average for Xbox One. And in an interview with Gaming Bible this week, Mad Max franchise creator George Miller admitted that he was a bit disappointed by it:

"It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, it wasn't in our hands, we gave all our material to a company to do it."

The company that Miller refers to is Avalanche Studios, and in a response on social media today, one of the studio's founders (Christofer Sundberg) hit back with a series of tweets, calling Miller's comments "complete nonsense".

"This is complete nonsense and just shows complete arrogance. They did everything they could to make this a complete linear game after having signed up with a developer of open-world games."

"After the first year of development they realized that they had forced us to make a linear experience rather than the open world game we pitched. We threw away a year of work and got to hear that "players want autonomy in this day and age". Well, no s**t..."

Sundberg then went on to reveal that some "awesome DLC" for Mad Max was left on the cutting room floor:

"I can fill X with true stories about the development of Mad Max. It was a hell of a great game, but released in a terrible release-window, which we could not convince the publisher to do otherwise."

"As we were forced to release Mad Max on the same day as MGS, they blamed us for the bad sales and cancelled a bunch of awesome DLC that was just sitting there waiting to be released."

Miller has clearly hit a nerve here, and it's understandable that the Avalanche Studios co-founder wouldn't take this criticism well. To be fair, the game does have a lot of fans still, and we gave it a "Great" 8/10 here at Pure Xbox.

We can also understand George Miller's desire for Hideo Kojima to work on a Mad Max game as well though (after all, who wouldn't want to see that?), but unfortunately that seems like a pretty unlikely prospect at this point.

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