Designer Reveals She Was Scanned For A Potential 'Mad Max 2' Game

The Mad Max game on Xbox One is one of those underrated gems that often pops up for a bargain price in the Xbox sales, so if you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend it. But is a sequel ever going to be on the cards? It's possible, as digital designer Wendy W Fok has shared a photo on Twitter of her being scanned for "Mad Max 2".

Her comments reveal that she was invited to be scanned for the game by Avalanche Studios as a rebel:

Before you get too excited, we've got a few doubts to share. Firstly, the image is actually quite old — it was taken around 2017 — so you'd have thought we'd have heard about the game's existence publicly by now. Additionally, Avalanche went on to release Rage 2 in 2019, so there's the potential that Wendy namedropped the wrong game.

Could it still be in development? Sure, but it seems a little more likely that the game has either been postponed or cancelled. Avalanche is busy with the Xbox exclusive Contraband at the moment, but let's hope Mad Max 2 is a secret project that the studio is waiting to unveil when the time is right. We'd definitely be up for a sequel!

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