Hypercharge Unboxed Dev Shares Kind Words For Xbox's Sarah Bond Ahead Of Launch

The release of action figure shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed is just around the corner on Xbox, and as mentioned earlier this week, we recently had a chance to talk to Joe Henson - Creative Gameplay and Marketing Manager on the title.

We'll wait until next week to reveal the entire interview, but to give you a another little snippet until then, we asked Joe what it was like working with Team Xbox and whether the likes of Sarah Bond or Phil Spencer had provided their thoughts on the game - and here's what Joe had to say in response:

"The response has been incredible! I’m really grateful to everyone at Xbox who's helped us get Hypercharge onto the platform - they're some of the kindest people around! A huge shout out to Sarah Bond, too. She’s genuinely wonderful. During a tough time for me in 2022, she reached out with some really wise words that I'll always remember. We haven't heard from Phil Spencer yet, but hopefully, he'll give our game a shot once it launches, haha!"

So, the team at Digital Cybercherries have clearly received plenty of support from Team Xbox during the development of Hypercharge: Unboxed, which is great to see. That support probably helped them to achieve some impressive resolution and FPS targets across all Xbox consoles, which will hopefully result in a smooth experience at launch.

Stay tuned for that full Hypercharge: Unboxed interview next week, and if you're interested in pre-ordering the game on Xbox, it's currently available for £22.49 / $24.99 ahead of its release on Friday, May 31st. Not long to go now!

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