Update (Wed 15th May, 2024): It's now been confirmed that F1 Manager 2024 will launch on July 23rd, with pre-orders starting at a very decent price of just £29.99 / $34.99. You can watch the new gameplay trailer up above.

"For the first time, fans can live out their ultimate fantasy by bringing their own team to life, with customisable livery and logo creation tools giving them control of their team’s unique branding. Team Origins provide total customisation of their team’s starting conditions, whether they choose to enter as a total newcomer, or to target an immediate spot amongst the title contenders with major investment and an all-star line-up. Team Principals must also directly manage their stable of sponsors to deliver both engagement opportunities and results to bolster marketability and attract future support."

"At the pinnacle of motorsport, F1® Team Principals are responsible for ensuring every individual is motivated and believes in their ability to achieve their goals amidst fierce competition. With the introduction of the all new Mentality System, players will have greater understanding than ever before into the personal ambitions and characters of their team. Managing people and personalities, Team Principals will see the impact of their decisions directly influence drivers and staff mentality; prioritising one car’s performance risks building an inter-team rivalry. Failure to keep their stars happy will present rivals with opportunities to poach talent, disrupting the team’s trajectory towards the top.

Building their legacy across multiple generations, Team Principals can secure rising stars by recruiting them to the new Affiliates system, allowing young drivers to continue their careers in F2™ and F3™ whilst receiving training and development from the player’s F1® team. Fans can experience this evolution of the sport across multiple seasons and plot their own route to the top with the option to simulate entire races, build their credentials in the paddock by making the leap to a competitor, or adjust their challenge with difficulty settings."

Original story (Tue 12th Mar, 2024): We've been enjoying our time with F1 Manager 2023 on Xbox Game Pass over the past few months, so it's good news that the series is returning with F1 Manager 2024 this summer - arriving for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Details on the game are limited at the moment, but we do know that the big new feature is a "Create a Team" mode, as showcased in the trailer. There are also new car upgrades, a new mentality system and various other improvements.

The price for F1 Manager 2024 will be a very reasonable £29.99 / $34.99, so here's hoping it proves a success when it launches at some point over the next few months. We'll throw more information about the game down below.

"For the very first time in the franchise’s history fans will have the option to create and lead their own custom team to victory, building a legacy alongside the sport’s greatest names as they orchestrate their ascent to the top of the podium.

Customising elements of their team, players can curate their creativity to bring their dream designs to life, whilst negotiating sponsorship opportunities to ensure a steady stream of income to fuel their ambition. Identifying up-and-coming talent to rise up the grid order or cherry-picking the biggest stars in the sport in the pursuit of immediate success, the choice is theirs to make before the covers are lifted from their championship challenger."

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