Hands up, who remembers Aaero? This rhythm-action rail shooter was given away as part of Xbox Games with Gold a few years ago, and we've had an amazing time with it ever since. If you haven't played it, it comes highly recommended!

Now, the development team at Mad Fellows is preparing to launch Aaero2, which will launch in September 2024 as an Xbox Series X and Series S exclusive. The game has been "rebuilt from the ground up" with improved features such as a new combat system alongside two-player co-op and PvP modes (both local and online), while the "incredible licensed soundtrack" is this time supplied by the Canadian electronic music label Monstercat.

"After releasing Aaero in 2017, we started full-time work on Aaero2. It's been a very long labour of love. The result is something that we are extremely proud of."

The game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, taking into account and addressing every single piece of feedback we could find on the first game."

Ahead of launch, Mad Fellows is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise more funds for the game's eventual release on Steam (expected in December) and other platforms, as well as to help the team "support, update and expand the game for a long time to come". Interestingly, it sounds like Xbox was the "most successful platform" for Aaero:

"We fully intend to port the game to as many viable platforms as possible. We've prioritised based on the most successful platforms for the first game."

"We decided to not crowdfund until we were confident that our backers would be rewarded within a reasonable time-frame. We did the same thing as we came to a close on the first Aaero game. This doesn't mean we don't really need the funding. We absolutely do. When I say we put everything we had into Aaero2, I really meant it."

If you're keen on getting involved, there's an "Xbox Backer Pack" for just £12 that will get you a digital copy of the game alongside your name in the credits, along with various other Perks to choose from. Sounds like a bargain to us!

We'll definitely be dipping into Aaero2 when it releases for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this September, and hopefully all the other platforms will be able to get involved soon afterwards. If you can't wait until then, the good news is that there's a free Aaero2 demo (from an old 2022 build) available right now on the Xbox Store.

Did you play the original Aaero on Xbox? Tell us down in the comments section below.

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