XDefiant Producer Will 'Share More' About Recent Xbox Server Test Soon

Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter XDefiant has just undergone a major server test on Xbox, and we should learn more about the test's findings pretty soon - ahead of the full game's impending launch.

Following a small extension, the game's stress test came to a close on Sunday evening, and the team is now "going through all of the data" before it makes its next move. Executive Producer Mark Rubin has also thanked all who took part in this past weekend's XDefiant test:

Now, when the test was first announced earlier this month, Ubisoft said that it "expects to be able to lock a launch date" afterwards - and we're hoping that this data gathering ultimately leads to an official release date pretty soon. XDefiant was first unveiled in 2021, so we've been waiting a while now for its Xbox release!

Here at Pure Xbox HQ, we put a fair amount of time into XDefiant during this recent test period, and only really ran into a few minor issues over the course of the weekend. Here's hoping the team can get this one out of the door soon and land a smooth, successful launch on Xbox Series X|S.

So, did you get chance to play XDefiant this weekend? What are your thoughts? Tell us down below.