Ubisoft Discusses XDefiant Development Troubles Ahead Of Xbox Server Test

Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter XDefiant has been delayed numerous times already, despite never having a solid release date, and the game's executive producer Mark Rubin has again talked about what's going on behind the scenes.

Replying to multiple fan queries on Twitter, Rubin has stressed just how tough modern multiplayer game development is, and has also explained some of the reasons behind XDefiant's release constantly being pushed back.

To put it simply, Rubin's development team over at Ubisoft ran into several major issues when scaling the game up to work "with 1 million plus people", and that entire new systems had to be built with these issues in mind. Here are a few of Rubin's explanatory replies:

At the time of writing we still don't know when XDefiant will launch on Xbox, but we do know that the team has a big server test planned for real soon. That isn't dated yet either, but the game's full release date should be locked in shortly after the team's upcoming 12-hour playtest.

What do you make of all this? Discuss Mark's XDefiant defiance down below.