Xbox Series S Toaster Drops To Lowest Ever Price In The UK

The first big Xbox surprise of 2024 arrived in the form of the Xbox Series S toaster back on January 3rd, and now that it's available in more regions beyond just the US, we've spotted it at its lowest price ever in the UK right now.

Over at Currys, it's currently down from £29.99 to just £19.99 as of today, with delivery and in-store collection available. Sadly, there is a small charge if you opt for delivery, but even so, this seems a pretty good price to us!

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Looking at the reviews, the Xbox Series S toaster has 3.8/5 stars on the Currys website right now, and 4.3/5 over at Walmart. In general there seems to be quite a lot of positivity for it, so we're interested in giving it a go at £19.99.

As mentioned, the Xbox Toaster originated in the US earlier this year, but it still seems to be retailing at around $40 as things stand. The UK is getting the better deal for now, although who knows how long this reduction will last...

Did you end up buying an Xbox Series S Toaster? Let us know what you think of it down below.