We've seen a lot of hidden success stories on Xbox this year, and Trail Out is definitely one of them. This extreme racing game quietly released on Xbox Series X and S a few weeks ago, and it already seems to be selling really well.

There's good news if you're one of the buyers, as the studio behind the game has unveiled some pretty major plans for Trail Out's first Xbox update. There isn't a release date for this just yet, but it's apparently coming "very soon".

The first big feature here is New Game+, which allows you to replay the game from scratch but "under different conditions". There's also an improved Hunter mode that features "the ability to choose a car and call for reinforcements", a selection of new cars, and even a "major" new Canada-based map called Golden Trail.

If you're interested, more details on all of this can be found on Trail Out's Steam blog. For now, we'll throw some more details about Trail Out on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S down below, including a few crazy-looking screenshots!

"You're in for a mad race in different parts of the world, your main goal is to live to the finish line and take the main cup of the festival! Exploding cars, flying and screaming drivers, the hype from the fans, and unseen destruction around the entire track - it's all waiting for you here! Relive the story of racer Mihalych, a simple story where you'll try to take the main cup of the festival by defeating all the bosses in unique battles."

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