Trail Out has caught our attention recently as a neat-looking indie racer, and the game is officially out now on Xbox Series X|S - garnering some mixed feedback from Xbox players so far. This one is very Burnout/FlatOut-esque, and as a result, it's gained quite a bit of interest since its 2022 PC release.

So, we wanted to have a quick look at some of the reviews so far — across both Steam and Xbox — to see what folks are making of this release as it makes its console debut. First off, the game has almost 2,000 Steam reviews since launch - amounting to a 'Very Positive' rating at the time of writing. Here are a couple of the game's prominent Steam reviews:

Powaplaya27: If you are a fan of Wreckfest, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage and Dead Rising...


The variety in this game is impressive.
The technical aspects are solid. Smooth frames @ 4k 120hz
The design is top notch.
The racing is challenging.

My only minor criticism with Trail Out is the car sounds and sounds in general could be better.

UNOW3N: The key phrase here is old school. If you enjoyed (nevermind if you grew up) with the OGs of the FlatOut, Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed franchises, you will find TRAIL OUT to be the perfect homage and spiritual successor to the arcade, destructive racers of the early 2000s.

While both of these reviews ultimately recommend the game on PC, plenty mention some 'wonky' driving physics that should be taken into account. Over on Xbox the reception is mixed so far, with some complaining about crashing and frame rate issues in their experience, but there still seems to be plenty to like about Trail Out:

STRmods: (3 star) - 'Classic arcade racer' - This like a step back in time to arcade racing classics. It has a story that doesn't take itself too seriously, a wide variety of tracks with different racing modes and a great selection of vehicles (some quite whacky in a good way). The game also has a well fitting soundtrack that adds to the experience. Overall a fun game, especially with a friend or two in the splitscreen modes.

RABIDR3BEL: (3 star) - 'Wreckfest from Wish' - As the headline says it feels like a very bland version of a much better game. Driving feels weird and the saving point could have been an online mode which I do hope they add. If you want to play a demolition racer stick with Wreckfest.

Xbox pricing for Trail Out currently sits at £24.99 / $29.99, which seems reasonable for what the team is serving up here. This might not be the true, modern-day Burnout sequel we still crave, but for some old school thrills, Trail Out may well be worth a try on Xbox - especially if you've burnt your way through most other options on the market.

Tell us if you're thinking about trying this one down in the comments below!

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