TopSpin 2K25 is one of the big releases of the April Xbox lineup, and the good news is that after 13 long years, this sequel has lived up to the hype! Reviews have been great so far, and early access is now available on Xbox too.

Looking at the Metacritic scores, every single review for Xbox Series X|S lands between 75 and 83 aside from one of them, including ours here at Pure Xbox we gave TopSpin 2K25 a "Great" 8/10 score earlier this week.

Although the game doesn't officially launch until April 26th, those who have bought the Deluxe and Grand Slam Editions can start playing right now, and therefore we've got some feedback from the game's community to share as well. First impressions seem to be really good on the whole, especially when it comes to the gameplay:

Nevertheless, we should point out that there are a few who aren't so keen on TopSpin 2K25 so far, whether that's because they don't like the career mode, the season pass model or simply because it's so similar to 2011's Top Spin 4.

We assume 2K will be very happy with the reception in general though, and it sounds like the game's off to a strong start with its buyers overall. You can check out some more of the critics' reviews down below for additional impressions.

Pure Xbox (8/10)

"Top Spin 4 was so good that it continued to thrive for 10 years past its sell-by date, and TopSpin 2K25 feels just as enjoyable to play in 2024. Sure, the character models don't look great, and the game could do with a few tweaks and additions in certain areas, but the key thing is that developer Hangar 13 has nailed the gameplay."

Impulse Gamer (4.4/5)

"Top Spin 2K25 is perhaps the best 2024 sport title thus far, a very welcome surprise from a developer and publisher most didn’t see coming. Its wonderful appreciation of the Top Spin legacy and highest attention to detail make this the best tennis simulation to date. Warning: arcade-oriented players and those new to tennis games may not be as enthusiastic. It’s still very playable, but you’d be missing the finer points."

VGC (8/10)

"TopSpin 2K25 is the best 'serious' tennis game we've played since, frankly, the last one was released 13 years ago. Its characters look a bit off, its career mode is dry and the typical 2K microtransaction nonsense is in there (to a less intrusive extent than usual), but when it comes to the gameplay on the court it's far superior to anything else out there."

Push Square (8/10)

"TopSpin 2K25 is a confident revival firmly worth the 13-year wait. Admittedly, it might not be for everyone, especially with its rather steep learning curve, but for us, that’s what we love about the game. It inspired us to dig deep into the game’s core mechanics and train our way up the ladder. We felt that competitive edge that made us want to master our playstyle and ultimately show off our MyPlayer, cosmetics and all."

COGconnected (7.8/10)

"It’s honestly remarkable how effectively they’ve built this training machine of a sports title. Playing feels intuitive and responsive, they nailed the vibe, and there’s almost nothing between you and the core gameplay loop."

Twinfinite (3.5/5)

"On the court, TopSpin 2K25 is brilliant. It’s realistic, satisfying, and feels great to play, especially as you get to grips with the timing needed for every shot type. It’s just a shame that such good tennis gameplay is housed in bland modes that have you grind for very little sense of progression."

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