Talking Point: What Do You Want To See From Xbox's New 'Game Preservation' Team

Earlier this month, we learnt via internal Microsoft emails that Xbox has recently set up a new team dedicated entirely to game preservation - building on its "strong history of delivering backwards compatibility" to players on its platform.

While the leaked memo doesn't contain much minute detail, we're very glad to hear about more of this sort of thing going on at Xbox HQ - the back compat team worked wonders with Xbox Series X and S! But, is there anything specific you'd like to see the team look at this time around?

It sounds like Xbox's new efforts are a much more all-encompassing thing this time out - looking more broadly at game preservation in the industry and how that's shaping up moving forward. Still, the compatibility team has delivered on some great initiatives this generation — like FPS Boost and Xbox Series S enhancements — so we're quite excited about more of those initiatives coming along with the next Xbox console.

One thing we'd love to see is a blanket enhancement for previous-gen games - sort of like how all backwards compatible OG Xbox games have bumped resolution figures on modern consoles. It'd be amazing if, say, every Xbox One game ran at 4K or something on the next Xbox console! It's always good to see our existing libraries get better and better as more powerful hardware arrives.

So, where do you fall on this? Do you simply want more Xbox classics to become backwards compatible in the future, or do programs like FPS Boost and similar initiatives excite you more?

Talk about what you'd like to see from Xbox's new 'game preservation' team down below.