Random: Xbox Two-Game Bundle Priced At Ridiculous $2000 On Microsoft Store

It's come to our attention today that Microsoft may have made quite the mistake pricing one of its new Xbox game bundles. As spotted by Omni Gaming, a new two-game package has just gone live on the Microsoft Store - coming in at a whopping $2000 for Xbox players.

The package in question is the Bio Inc. Redemption + Crossroads Inn - Doctors and Bartenders Bundle, and given that picking up both games individually comes to a mere $45, we'd suspect this is one expensive mistake on the Xbox Store right now.

Here in the UK, this bundle pricing translates to £1669, so we haven't escaped this crazy price tag either. It's safe to say we won't be investing in this indie game bundle at its current price point.

The bundle appears to have been spotted over the weekend, and hopefully, Microsoft picks up on it shortly and corrects the pricing. We've seen this sort of pricing error before but in the other direction, which was ultimately revoked and fixed. We wouldn't want anyone accidentally spending $2000 on two Xbox games!

How does this sort of thing actually happen?! Tell us what you make of it down below.

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