Pocketpair CEO On Devs Copying Palworld: 'These Are Incredible Times'

Ever since it burst onto the scene back in January, Palworld has been labelled a Pokémon clone of sorts - or at least something akin to 'Pokémon with guns' available on Xbox. However true that may be, Pocketpair's CEO has now claimed that its game is being copied, during "incredible times" for the Japanese developer.

As translated by outlet Automaton, the Pocketpair CEO recently took to Twitter to talk about Palworld clones - while namedropping the upcoming 'Auroria' as one such copycat. The Palworld dev foresees more Chinese companies hopping on the trend in future, going on to say that "these are incredible times" for the team.

"Tencent is already making a Palworld clone game! In China, many companies are simultaneously developing mobile clones of Palworld, and the budgets are in the 10 billion yen-range, 10 times larger than Palworld’s…Next year, we might see many Genshin Impact-level creature (or bishojo) raising games…These are incredible times."

The Pocketpair CEO seems to be taking it well anyway, sounding more excited than anything about the prospect of their game and its popularity inspiring similar titles to come to market. Back around launch, The Pokémon Company said it was investigating Palworld and its likeness to the Nintendo series - but nothing has come out publicly since.

As for Palworld and its own future, another set of patch notes has just dropped this week, while the team is also hard at work on an Arena mode for later this year.

Do you expect to see Palworld clones come to market in the coming years? Let us know what you make of this down below.

[source automaton-media.com, via ign.com]