You could say that Palworld has been a pretty big Xbox Game Pass hit since its launch earlier this year, and now the team at Pocketpair has something a little different up its sleeve. Arriving later on in 2024, the Pokémon-like is officially getting an Arena mode.

'The Pal Arena' will introduce PvP gameplay to the title, alongside a whole new way to enjoy Palworld via small-scale battling. The team initially attached a 'Summer' release window to its Arena Mode, before correcting itself with a broader '2024' target.

As you can see in the tweet though, a "major" summer update is planned for the title - one that'll bring "a new island, new species of Pals, new buildings, weapons, and more" to the Xbox Game Pass hit.

We'll bring more information on the team's 'Pal Arena' once we hear more about it, and in the meantime, check out Pocketpair's latest 'Raid Boss' patch notes down below.

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