Max Payne 1+2 Remake About To Enter Full Production At Remedy

Remedy's upcoming Max Payne remakes are about to enter full production, with the team providing an update on its plans during a new investor call. Previously announced last year to be "into the production readiness stage", the company's pair of remakes will go into full production during Q2 2024.

As for when we can expect these games (which will be combined into one package) to actually get a launch window - we're not sure at the moment. However, Remedy has said that these spruced-up classics will have a similar development budget to 2023's Alan Wake 2, so we're expecting the team to be working on these for a fair while yet.

There's a bunch of other stuff going on behind the scenes right now at the Finnish developer also. Control 2 is "finalizing the proof-of-concept" phase, while that same franchise's spin-off — Codename Condor — has already moved into full production and seems the most likely Remedy title to launch next.

We're looking forward to pretty much all of these Remedy projects to be honest, but especially Max Payne 1+2, as not all of us at Pure Xbox HQ have experience with these classic third-person shooters. It's getting about time we, ahem, remedied that, don't ya think?

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