Talking Point: Are You Excited For Remedy's Max Payne 1+2 Remake?

Remedy has really been hitting its stride in recent years with titles like Control and Alan Wake 2, and one of its currently in-development projects is a full remake of the first two Max Payne titles. The Finnish team is combining these classics into one release for the remake, and we're wanting to gauge your hype levels as development "advances to the next stages" this year.

Here at PX HQ, we're quite excited for this release, to be honest. This writer has never played a Max Payne game, and with Remedy giving this remake Alan Wake 2-levels of development budget, we should be in for a real treat whenever these classics re-appear.

There's no release date for this one yet, but the team is moving on to the next stage of development during the first half of 2024, so this remake should really be taking shape now. Alan Wake 2 launched about six months ago now, so we're expecting a good chunk of the Remedy team to be wading deep in Max Payne goodness around about now!

Speaking of Max Payne goodness, while we have you here, is it still worth playing the originals nowadays? All three games are part of Xbox's "Buy One, Get One Free" sale right now, and we're just wondering how they hold up in 2024. Would you recommend them to a newcomer, or is it worth just waiting for this remake?

Anyway, if you have any input on that, do let us know down below. And of course, tell us how excited you are for Max Payne 1+2 Remake in the comments!