It Takes Two's Developer Is Almost Ready To Reveal What's Next

The amazing co-op adventure It Takes Two was undoubtedly one of our favourite games of 2021, and over the past few years, we've been patiently sitting and waiting to hear what might be coming next from Hazelight Studios.

Fortunately, it sounds like we don't have long to wait! In a social media post celebrating the company's 10-year anniversary this week, it was revealed that the team's next game will be talked about later in 2024:

It's amazing to think that Hazelight Studios has been going for 10 years considering we've only seen two games from the developer in that time. That said, they were both fantastic co-op titles - the first being 2018's A Way Out.

There's no word yet on whether EA will (again) be publishing the next game from Hazelight, and there's also no word on whether it'll be a co-op game, but based on past comments, it sounds like we can expect a fairly similar formula.

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