Xbox's free-to-play library has been treated to a new addition this week in the form of Deceit 2! This is an "online social deduction horror game" that first launched on PC last year, transitioning to a free-to-play experience back in March.

In Deceit 2, you play as either the "Terrors", "Innocent" or "Cursed" amidst a hellish social experiment in which up to nine players can get involved per-game. There's crossplay support between all versions as well.

"Deceit 2 is a matchmade social deduction horror game where two among you have been Infected. While the Infected do the bidding of the malevolent Game Master, the Innocent must work together to escape the Ritual and deduce who is plotting against them. Suspect someone? Rally your team to initiate the Banishing Ritual. To make things even more chaotic, you can now also play as a third team, the Cursed, who are solely out for themselves."

"When it’s time to Banish someone, choose wisely; a false accusation can sow seeds of doubt and turn allies into enemies. Your choices shape the game, making every match a unique battle of wits. Can you outplay the Game Master and escape the Ritual, or will you become another piece in his twisted game?"

For those who are willing to spend a bit of money, Deceit 2's Xbox launch does include some premium DLC in the form of a "Werewolf Pack" for £5.79 / $6.99, but obviously you don't have to spend anything if you don't want to.

The reviews on the Xbox Store are pretty decent so far for this one, so it sounds like it's worth a download if you're interested. Keep in mind it's exclusive to Xbox Series X and S, so Xbox One owners will sadly have to miss out here.

Interested in trying out Deceit 2 on Xbox? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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