Xbox Apparently 'Wants' To Overhaul Achievements, Someday

For a number of years now Xbox fans have been curious about potential upgrades to the achievement system - most notably adding an equivalent to PlayStation's 'Platinum' trophies to further incentivize game completion. Well, we have a new update from gamescom 2023 thanks to Windows Central's Jez Corden, and some sort of overhaul does appear to still be on the to-do list over at Microsoft.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Xbox Two podcast, Corden said that he spoke to someone at Microsoft last month about potential achievement changes. The exec apparently said that Xbox "wants" to do something but it's "a matter of priorities and time".

"I did speak to an Xbox exec at gamescom specifically about the platinum achievement. They said they want to do it, it's just a matter of priorities and time. But I do think that the Xbox platinum achievement, improvements in the achievements system, will come - it's just a case of getting through the other stuff they want to do right now."

While that's not the most definitive response to Jez's question, the topic does still seem to be doing the rounds at Microsoft, and it appears to be on the Xbox to-do list at some stage. Just... maybe don't expect an overhaul anytime in the immediate future.

Back in 2021, Microsoft said that it had "heard that feedback" when it came to adding platinum achievements to Xbox, and at the time, it was "definitely top of mind for us as we look to the road ahead." It may be a long road, but hopefully some sort of achievement overhaul makes an appearance sooner rather than later for those looking for more of a reason to aim for full game completion.

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