Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has received a new patch on Xbox Series X and S today in the form of update 3.2, and one of the biggest highlights here is a new 40FPS performance mode that supposedly works across all consoles.

We say "supposedly" because companies often like to promote updates such as these with the Xbox Series X|S banner, and then we find out it's just for Xbox Series X. It's so early that we're not sure whether the 40FPS mode applies to the Series S for now, but hopefully we'll get some confirmation of this in the near future.

As for the Series X, this 40FPS mode is designed for TVs that support up to 120Hz, and it's another alternative to the 30FPS and 60FPS options at your disposal. For what it's worth, the 60FPS mode is very decent on Xbox Series X if your TV has VRR support, but otherwise you'll notice some dropped frames and screen tearing at times.

Beyond the 40FPS addition, there are more patch notes to share as well - you can view them down below:


  • PS5 - 2,4 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S - 3.1 GB
  • PC - 3 GB


  • [Xbox Series X/S, PS5] Added a 40 FPS mode.
  • [PC] Enabled Intel XeSS Super Sampling.


  • Added Fast Travel option to Research Station Alpha.
  • Controller re-mapping no longer resets on game restart.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Fixed a few misspellings.
  • Fixed some voice lines overlapping during dialogue.


  • [PC] AMD FSR3 has been temporarily rolled back.
  • Dev Note: To prevent visual artifacts impacting the interpolation output of FSR3 Frame Generation we've decided to roll back to the previously used version of FSR3. Despite this rollback, we've decided to keep certain improvements that we introduced with the upgraded version, such as improvements to UI composition when using Frame Generation.


  • [Main Quest - Shadows of the Past] Fixed an issue that would prevent the quest from updating when done in co-op.


  • [All Platforms] Rescued Resistance human characters no longer appear back in the Resistance HQ with a mask on.
  • [All Platforms] Some NPCs no longer become invisible when at the edge of the Player's vision.

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