Every now and then we're treated to a frankly absurd video game release, and Maximum Entertainment's Squirrel with a Gun could the weirdest Xbox game we've seen in quite some time.

In typical Goat Simulator fashion, Squirrel with a Gun takes a fairly standard video game concept and pairs it with something wild - like a squirrel taking down baddies with a minigun. Sold already? Here's a quick description of this newly-announced Xbox title:

"Squirrel, meet gun. As the neighborhood’s most obnoxious rodent, develop a knack (and a love?) for crime and mayhem in pursuit of golden acorns in this nutty sandbox shooter and puzzle platformer. Fight tooth, claw, and gun to escape a secret underground facility and defeat the Agents."

As you can see in the trailer up above, this one isn't exactly an experience to be taken seriously - but then again, sometimes you just need a nice relaxing pastime like this one should provide! At the moment, the team says Squirrel with a Gun will launch on Xbox Series X|S "later this year", and if you've enjoyed the Goat Simulator series so far then you'll probably like this.

Here are a few more absurd screenshots to to help with the wait:

Going to be playing this on Xbox, then? Drop your best squirrel one-liner in the comments section below.