It's not often you see an Xbox image that striking is it? Nah, not until Goat Simulator comes back around anyway with its second outing, which for 'udderly' unknown reasons, is called Goat Simulator 3.

Right, udder puns out of the way, Goat Sim dev Coffee Stain has unleashed this new trailer upon us, featuring goats falling from the sky, goat udder slapping and of course, a face full of udders just like that headline picture. Nice.

goat sim 3

What else is there to say really? You can pre-order the game now for Xbox Series X and S, and unfortunately, this one doesn't hit Game Pass on day one. There's no Xbox One version in sight either — clearly, last-gen machines can't handle those udder physics!

Goat Simulator 3 is a brand new third-person sandbox adventure game in which you get to become the literal GOAT. Just like the first Goat Simulator, you'll need to headbutt, lick and triple-jump your way across the giant island of San Angora - this time with all new areas, challenges, and events to discover.

But what is life as a goat without friends to explore with? Goat Simulator 3 will let you gather a herd of friends to wreak havoc on the world together.

Do you like goat milk? Please, let us know in the comments.