Xbox Reveals Black History Month 2024 Plans, Including Free Content

Earlier this week, Xbox pulled back the curtain on its plans to celebrate Black History Month this year, which takes place throughout February (in the US). There's plenty in the works, including some nice freebies for everyone!

For example, Halo Infinite is giving away a special armor coating, visor, emblem and nameplate to everyone who logs into the game during this month (seen above), while Forza Horizon 5 is also adding a new in-game decal that can be used to customise any car you like.

Plus, in addition to the seven new Xbox Dynamic Backgrounds that were made available earlier this week, we've got another new one called the "Black History Month 2024 Xbox Sphere", and you can see what it looks like down below.

Elsewhere, you'll notice a "variety of game collections" being highlighted on the Microsoft Store throughout February to mark the occasion, and Xbox is also working with the videogame tech training program Gameheads to "take our partnership with them further than ever before", including via a special Black History Games Showcase.

There's a lot more information about all of this on the official Xbox Wire website if you're interested.